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Real Estate Professional Awareness Program - Half

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If your focus is selling in the Laguna Beach market, our new Awareness Profiles are the most affordable and effective ways to reach locals and visitors alike. Our 4x9 booklets share the Laguna Beach Favorites as voted by our audience. Distribution includes select hotels and other locations in Laguna Beach. Our web content is organically ranked in the top five results on Google for things like best happy hour and receives traffic from the West Coast and Europe.

Package includes: BizConnect Annual Listing; (3) Half Page Ads, appearing quarterly, and 10,000 digital display ads.

With BizConnect you can show featured listings, have detailed maps, provide your capabilities, bring together your social media profiles including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. With Laguna Beach Favorites® from Laguna Beach Vibe your digital marketing will be focused on people most interested in Laguna Beach. Your information looks great on all screens.

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