2021 Laguna Beach Favorites Holiday Guide COVER Take-Over

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Are YOU ready for your cover story?

This exclusive opportunity puts you in the "Cover Story" position seen by thousands of Locals & Visitors throughout Laguna Beach, from North to South.

This special edition package includes a complimentary Full-Page Advertorial write-up inside the guide. We'll interview you by phone about your business, vision, and your "Favorite" aspects of our Laguna Beach community.

Beautifully printed in full-color and a handy 4x9 size, with 5,000 distributed in key locations.

Our staff will contact you to discuss content details.

Deadline: Oct 20, 2021

Distribution: Nov 15, 2021 (subject to production schedules and market circumstances)
: 5,000 in key locations.

Cover image, plus Full-Page with Advertorial (Max 250 words).

BLEED: 4.25X9.25"
TRIM: 4X9"
LIVE: 3.5X8.5"

Price includes an assigned writer.
Photos must be supplied.

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