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Make sure people know you are voted a Favorite!

Our all-new Laguna Beach Favorites seasonal guides feature the results of our most recent Laguna Beach Favorites contest, where everyone has the opportunity to vote for their favorite local businesses, artists, galleries, shops, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Printed in full color and a handy 4x9 size, our magazine style pocket/purse guides are the perfect way for locals to discover new favorites and for visitors to plan their day in Laguna Beach. They can be picked up at over 140 locations around town, from North to South Laguna Beach.


We also offer editorial for your products with optional QR codes for readers to conveniently connect with you.

Product features are complimentary with your full-page participation to extend your visibility in the guide. There are also options to purchase just the profile, or additional profile features throughout the guides highlighting your product, service or offerings. Think top sellers, new releases, and favorite promotions.

Get ready for the next season, today.

Deadline: Fall Guide to be announced.

Distribution: Fall 2021

Circulation: 5,000 in key locations.

Shop current opportunities available to reach our audience.


Pictured above left, our 25-word product feature, on the right, our 50-word version. Either can have a custom QR code linking to your website/store or social media.


Our unique guides are fast becoming a popular "picked-up" item for both visitors and Laguna Beach residents.


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