LBV Spring 2021 Cover Bleed.jpg

Make sure people know you are voted a Favorite!

Our all-new Laguna Beach Favorites Spring Guide features the results of our most recent Laguna Beach Favorites contest, where everyone has the opportuity to vote on their favorite area businesses.

Printed in full color and a handy 4x9 size, our guide will have great information about Laguna Beach. Included is editorial for your products!

Product and features are complimentary with your half or full page participation. There are also options to purchase just the information about your product, service or offerings.

Don't let Spring pass without being a part of this great guide!

Deadline: February 26, 2021

Distribution: April 2, 2021

Circulation: 5,000 in key locations.



Pictured above left, our 25-word product feature, on the right, our 50-word version. Either can have a custom QR code linking to your website/store or social media.

Our unique guides are fast becoming a popular "picked-up" item for both visitors and Laguna Beach residents.