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​Mission: To inspire people to take full advantage of the variety of arts and entertainment options in Laguna Beach.

Vision: A public that is highly informed and actively engaged with Laguna Beach’s arts and entertainment community.

Lisa Farber, Publisher & Editor

Laguna Beach Vibe, LLC

Published Monthly
PO Box 1385

Laguna Beach, CA 92652 USA

+1 (949) 395-1469

While 25,000 people call Laguna Beach home, over 6 million from around the world visit our seven miles of coastline to enjoy our Mediterranean climate and year-round festivals and pageants.  Laguna Beach Vibe is Laguna Beach’s only hyper-local arts and entertainment media services provider. By delivering unique media services to business owners interested in reaching locals and visitors alike, we help businesses rise above the noise.

Laguna Beach is well known as a unique beach community and artist's colony with seven miles of city beaches running along its nine square miles. The resident population enjoys the ambiance provided by the sandy beaches, canyons and coastal hills. During the summer, several million visitors are drawn to the resort environment for its picturesque beaches, art festivals and the Pageant of the Masters. Laguna's village scale shopping district, bluff-top walkways and tram system create a pedestrian-friendly environment and scale which is unique in Southern California

The Laguna Beach Vibe serves Laguna Beach with a focus on arts, dining, entertainment and hospitality.  A vibrant monthly publication is distributed throughout Laguna Beach with digital access at your fingertips.  We are pleased to announce we are expanding our web presence to include more news and information about Laguna Beach, delivering to your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.


We encourage you to engage with our audience early and often!

Paradise Found.  Laguna Beach is located halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego along the southern coast of 'The OC.'

Who We Are

Laguna Beach’s locally-owned arts and entertainment publisher and media services provider.


What We Do

We provide unique media services to businesses interested in reaching Laguna Beach locals and visitors alike.

Why It Matters

Because businesses need an effective way to rise above the noise.

Advertise in the Laguna Beach Vibe for our engagement and local impact.

Why It's Better

Unlike our competitors, we are a full-range media services company with a unique appreciation and understanding of the Laguna Beach marketplace.

Core Values

Adventure: The spirit of adventure churns the soul of our organization. Creating opportunities to learn about and have new and fun experiences is central to our reason for being.


Inspiration: We have a deep appreciation for the creative outcomes birthed through the inspiration of individuals and collectives of artists. Featuring and drawing attention to such efforts not only fuels our spirts; it also supports our community’s art-based economy.


Neighborly: Being a great neighbor includes helping people support what they’ve worked hard to conceptualize and create. Our neighbors are our world, as are the people who choose to visit our community for rest and relaxation.


Planning: Honoring commitments to goals and objectives requires thoughtful preparation and teamwork, because failing to plan simply means planning to fail, which is both unacceptable and fruitless.


Zeal: Our enthusiasm for inspiring people to take full advantage of artistic and entertainment offerings is impossible to contain. We wear it as a transferable emblem for any and all to see and take on for themselves.

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